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3 old battles, from the arriving of the Vikings in early Britain to the Norman invasion, are instructed in photograph novel structure: In 793, the sacking of Lindisfarne is the 1st Viking raid on Britain; At Ediginton, Alfred the nice defends the dominion of Wessex from Vikings in 878; In 1066, English forces, exhausted from combating the Vikings, face

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So, we’re just going to stand here in a line? yes, the king intends us to act like a rampart, breaking the wave of invaders and hurling them back to the sea. 33 william, your mail is on backward. it is an evil omen! the norman knights halted to put on their chain mail. ha! ha! not today it isn’t! the housecarls closed together to form a tight shield wall. 34 harold’s men were defending a ridge that dropped off steeply at both ends. The Anglo–Saxon Army Bretons French Normans Archers Infantry the normans were arranged in three fighting groups, composed of rows of archers, infantry, and cavalry.

Called the Domesday Book, it is a unique record of the times that has survived to this day. The Norman conquest changed England forever. The Vikings had settled in Greenland and established themselves as the Rus in eastern Europe—a people who would one day found Russia. They also discovered Iceland and, in 999, became the first Europeans to discover the New World, when Leif Eriksson landed in Newfoundland, Canada, after being blown off course. THE END The most famous Norman castle keep, or tower, is the White Tower at the Tower of London, a fortress started in 1075.

On great estates and in small villages, the English were made homeless and many starved. Those who complained were thrown into the dungeons of newly-built castles. LIFE William the Conquerer appears on this 11th-century coin. OF A CONQUERER William’s rule led to many revolts, but none succeeded. He quickly grew to hate his new kingdom and, after 1075, spent as little time as possible in England. As he grew older he even argued with his son, Robert, who joined forces with Philip, the king of France, instead.

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