Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas, David Heinemeier Hansson's Agile Web Development with Rails (4th edition) Beta 13 PDF

By Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas, David Heinemeier Hansson

ISBN-10: 1934356549

ISBN-13: 9781934356548

Ruby on Rails is helping you produce top quality, beautiful-looking internet functions quick. you consider developing the applying, and Rails looks after the main points. Tens of millions of builders have used this award-winning ebook to profit Rails. it is a vast, far-reaching instructional and reference that is urged through the Rails middle crew. if you are new to Rails, you will get step by step assistance. in case you are an skilled developer, this booklet provides you with the great, insider info you wish. Rails has advanced through the years, and this ebook has developed besides it. We nonetheless begin with a step by step walkthrough of creating a true software, and in-depth chapters examine the integrated Rails positive factors. This version now provides new Ruby and Rails clients additional information at the Ruby language and takes extra time to provide an explanation for key thoughts all through. most sensible practices on the right way to practice Rails proceed to alter, and this version retains up. Examples use cookie subsidized classes, HTTP authentication, and lively Record-based varieties, and the publication focuses all through at the correct method to use Rails. also, this version now displays Ruby 1.9, a brand new free up of Ruby with vast practical and function advancements.

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Normally run this window with a very small font so it takes up less space—if we see something interesting flash by, we zoom it up to investigate. We also need access to the Rails API documentation, which we view in a browser. In the introduction, we talked about using the gem server command to run a local web server containing the Rails documentation. This is convenient, but it unfortunately splits the Rails documentation across a number of separate documentation trees. org/ to see a consolidated view of all the Rails documentation in one place.

3 Installing on Linux Start with your platform’s native package management system, be it apt-get, dpkg, portage, rpm, rug, synaptic, up2date, or yum. The first step is to install the necessary dependencies. 6. You can find out the version by issuing gem -v. How to upgrade your version of RubyGems is described in the sidebar on the next page. 5. 0 printing, February 2, 2011) 30 C HOOSING A R AILS V ERSION Upgrading RubyGems on Linux There are many different ways to upgrade RubyGems. Unfortunately, depending on which version of RubyGems you have installed and what distribution you are running, not all of the ways work.

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... This approach would certainly work, but it’s a bit fragile. If we were to move our application to a different place on the web server, the URLs would no longer be valid. It also encodes assumptions about the Rails URL format into our code; it’s possible a future version of Rails might change this. Fortunately, these aren’t risks we have to take. Rails comes with a bunch of helper methods that can be used in view templates. Here, we’ll use the helper method link_to, which creates a hyperlink to an action.

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