New PDF release: Advanced Php Programming: A Practical Guide to Developing

By Gorg Schlossnagl

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During the last 3 years personal home page has advanced from being a distinct segment language used so as to add dynamic performance to small websites to a robust device making powerful inroads into large-scale, business-critical net systems.The quick maturation of personal home page has created a skeptical inhabitants of clients from extra conventional "enterprise" languages who query the readiness and talent of Hypertext Preprocessor to scale, in addition to a wide inhabitants of Hypertext Preprocessor builders with no formal laptop technological know-how backgrounds who've discovered during the hands-on experimentation whereas constructing small and midsize functions in PHP.While there are numerous books on studying Hypertext Preprocessor and constructing small purposes with it, there's a critical lack of knowledge on "scaling" personal home page for large-scale, business-critical platforms. Schlossnagle's complex Hypertext Preprocessor Programming fills that void, demonstrating that Hypertext Preprocessor is prepared for firm net functions by way of displaying the reader the best way to advance PHP-based functions for max functionality, balance, and extensibility.

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There is no such thing as a perfect standard; coding style is largely a matter of personal preference. You shouldn’t be too hasty to change a consistent style you don’t particularly like. Code Formatting and Layout Code formatting and layout—which includes indentation, line length, use of whitespace, and use of Structured Query Language (SQL)—is the most basic tool you can use to reinforce the logical structure of your code. The importance of indentation for code organization cannot be exaggerated.

Year % 100)) || ($year % 400 == 0)) { return 29; } else { return 28; } } else { return 31; } == Code Formatting and Layout Compare that with the following block that is identical except for indentation: if($month == ‘september’ || $month == ‘april’ || $month == ‘june’ || $month == ‘november’) { return 30; } else if($month == ‘february’) { if((($year % 4 == 0) && ($year % 100)) || ($year % 400 == 0)) { return 29; } else { return 28; } } else { return 31; } In the latter version of this code, it is easier to distinguish the flow of logic than in the first version.

There are three common methods for placing braces relative to conditionals: n BSD style, in which the braces are placed on the line following the conditional, with the braces outdented to align with the keyword: if ($condition) { // statement } n GNU style, in which the braces appear on the line following the conditional but are indented halfway between the outer and inner indents: 15 16 Chapter 1 Coding Styles if ($condition) { // statement } n K&R style, in which the opening brace is placed on the same line as the keyword: if ($condition) { // statement } The K&R style is named for Kernighan and Ritchie, who wrote their uber-classic The C Programming Language by using this style.

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