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By David Collins

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It's a sobering and possibly worrying thought. So what should the college in which you work do? Most college missions are pretty well identical and could just as well have been photocopied, with the name changed to suit the college in question. What's more there probably isn't a lecturer nationally who could quote their college's mission word perfectly (usually 20 or 30 words long). A regular mission reexamination is a real opportunity to concentrate on the key strengths of the organization and steer clear of any areas that the college doesn't feel it either is or can be good at.

That doesn't mean that you have to do everything personally. It is your job, however, to make sure that everything that is important to its success gets done. You can't do that without allowing yourself some time for reflection. e. you will control what you do in it) and allocate your less productive time to activities which need to be done but which are less important to the institution and your role in it. These activities might involve meetings with other parties about their agendas, for example, awards events, or largely social activities such as presentations.

SHAPING THE ORGANIZATION 37 Figure 3 Well, that's 257 decisions we've made this week between us. That must have made a difference, surely? When to make decisions and when not to As a general rule, it is better for a college leader to make or help make policies and procedures from which decisions flow than to make decisions. ' It may even be taken as a sign of the importance of the leader to the organization. In fact, if the phone is always ringing and people don't know what to do, the reality is it is just the reverse.

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