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5 (not explicit) ; Cremutius Cordus : 57. 24. 2, 4 (see p. 85) ; Cluvius Rufus: 63. 14. 3-4, and Josephus: 66. 1. 4. 6 Fr. 40. 5. See Boissevain, ad loc. (r. 116). Fr. 107. 1, referring to Plutarch's comparison of Pompey and Agesilaus. 7 44- 35- 3- See p. 85. 8 66. 17. 1 (perhaps referring to a remark by Hadrian) and 69. 2 (see p. 61). THE C O M P O S I T I O N OF T H E H I S T O R Y 35 actually wrote will have been dictated largely by the character of his own work. No attempt will be made to discuss Dio's sources as such, though the question inevitably arises at various points.

So far his career was respectable but not distinguished. Only with the reign of Severus Alexander did he begin to govern important provinces. By 222 he had reached, and perhaps exceeded, the normal interval which lay between the suffect consulship and the proconsulate of Africa or Asia. D. 6 It may well be that this command was given to Dio specifically to prepare him for that which followed, the governorship of Pannonia Superior. 7 This province stood very high in the hierarchy, second only to Syria among the imperial 1 a See pp.

See Philos. VA 8. 31 and VS praef. 8 Solmsen, op. cit. 154, argues that it was written before 21g and probably between 217 and 219. * VA 1. 3. 4 f. See Solmsen, op. cit. 139. 10 Solmsen, op. cit. 174-5. " See p. 104. 12 Dio 69. 3. 6 (225). Philos. VS 1. 8 (Teubner ed. 9). Philostratus does not use the anecdote about Dionysius of Miletus—69. 3. 5 (225). 4 THE MAN AND H I S CAREER ao references to Apollonius of Tyana. The first tells the story of how Apollonius in Ephesus cried out encouragement to the slave Stephanus at precisely the moment when he was murdering Domitian in Rome; 1 the story differs in some details from the version given by Philostratus,2 but agrees in the main and ends with a fervent affirmation of its truth—TOVTO p,èv OVTCOS èyévero, Kctv [ivpuxKis ri?

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