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Amid the turbulence of the 2011 Arab uprisings, the progressive rebellion that performed out in Cairo's Tahrir sq. created excessive expectancies prior to rushing the hopes of its contributors. The upheaval ended in a series of occasions in Egypt that scarcely an individual may have envisioned, and worthy few have understood: 5 years on, the prestige of Egypt's unfinished revolution continues to be shrouded in confusion. energy shifted arms speedily, first from protesters to the military management, then to the politicians of the Muslim Brotherhood, after which again to the military. The politics of the road has given option to the politics of Islamist-military détentes and the undoing of the democratic test. in the meantime, a burgeoning Islamist insurgency occupies the military in Sinai and compounds the nation's experience of uncertainty.

A Revolution Undone blends research and narrative, charting Egypt's trip from Tahrir to Sisi from the point of view of an writer and analyst who lived all of it. H.A. Hellyer brings his first-hand adventure to endure in his review of Egypt's scan with protest and democracy. And through scrutinizing Egyptian society and public opinion, Islamism and Islam, the army and executive, in addition to the West's response to occasions, Hellyer offers a much-needed appraisal of Egypt's destiny prospects.

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None of us wanted to see one ever again. A few days ago, the police were both the mainstay of our security 10 THE EIGHTEEN DAYS OF TAHRIR and the annoying bane of our lives. Far too many of them perpetrated abuse. But tonight, the police were not a mix of good and bad. Tonight, the police were the ones who had obeyed an order to come off the streets, and deserted their posts. It was the police who had left us to the mercy of the escaped convicts and looters, who were out in their thousands across Egypt.

He searched me and patted me down but he was just so utterly apologetic as he did it. â•… I was amazed. I’ve been through Cairo’s airport many times, and while I have never been searched in such an invasive fashion before, I’d never thought that being stopped and searched could be such an unobtrusive experience. I find most airports to be rather intrusive in the way they stop and search—but in Tahrir I didn’t feel any of that. After another person searched me, again apologising for having put me through the bother of being searched, but insisting it was for their sakes as well as my own, I couldn’t help but stop and kiss him on the forehead.

I waited in line with scores of other people, not all of whom were in favour of the protests. Nevertheless, even those who seemed to support Mubarak wanted to see this strange exhibition of ‘people power’ in the centre of Cairo. For a generation of Egyptians, the very notion of gathering in such large numbers for any sort of cause was anathema; such was the Mubarakite state. The ‘curtain of fear’ had been that strong—but now it had been ripped to shreds. Even those who had been opposed to that curtain coming down were curious as to what its destruction might lead to.

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