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By Nicholas Thieberger

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This ebook provides subject matters within the grammar of South Efate, an Oceanic language of significant Vanuatu as spoken in Erakor village at the outskirts of Port Vila. it truly is one of many first such grammars to take heavily the supply of fundamental information for the verification of claims made within the research. The examine is determined within the context of accelerating realization being paid to the kingdom of the world’s smaller languages and their customers for being spoken into the longer term. as well as offering an summary of the grammar of the language, the writer describes the method of constructing an archivable textual corpus that's used to make instance sentences citable and playable, utilizing software program (Audiamus) constructed during the study. An integrated DVD presents a dictionary and finderlist, a suite of interlinearized instance texts and elicited sentences, and playable media models of such a lot instance sentences and of the instance texts.

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However, as I wanted to create an analytical tool whereby I could access all of my fieldtapes via a textual representation, I ruled out segmentation as being too time-consuming, and also as destroying the very context of the utterances it was so important to preserve. On returning from Vanuatu in 1998 and starting work on the data, I digitized my audio cassettes using the inbuilt soundcard on a Macintosh 7200 computer with SoundEdit software at 22khz, 8bit, or 16bit. These files then became the basis for time-aligned transcripts and the larger audio-corpus.

Au 6 Introduction Emphasizing the documentation means that certain products of our work, such as text collections and dictionaries, become primary rather than incidental. Similarly, our concern with the reusability of our work takes on a primary focus so that the data has a use for others after we have done our analysis. Reusability is a concept from computer programming and from ecology ('Reduce, reuse, recycle') whereby we should do a task once and then be able to address the outputs of that process rather than repeating the work involved.

Feasts were then held every fifth day until 100 days. " Sometimes a dog was killed when a human died (Macdonald 1892:727-728). Burial in Erakor today is in a cemetery with a Christian ceremony, with a five-day feast and subsequent periodic feasts marking stages in the decomposition of the body. The following information on childbirth is from the missionary Daniel Macdonald who was based at Havannah Harbor from the 1880s onward (Macdonald 1892:720): the main midwife (mitamauri) uses leaves of a plant called nasuafa and performs an operation called koro on its leaves; the assembled women then attach these to their waist bands, they must stay for five days until the performance of another ceremony koroing of the noas (native cabbage) leaves; these are cooked and given to the mother to be eaten.

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