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Summer melting of the Similaun Glacier had exposed the man’s head and shoulders. At first he was thought to be another hiker who had met with a fatal accident, but the artifacts accompanying the corpse soon dispelled this presupposition. Before scientists arrived on the scene to extricate the dead man, some damage was inflicted upon the body’s left hip by a jackhammer, and certain objects were removed by curiosity seekers. , which makes him approximately as old as the earliest civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt.

C. Sardinia lay within the Phoenician and Carthaginian sphere of influence, and Semitic culture continued to be prominent in the more civilized coastal areas of the island long after it had been annexed as a Roman province. 2. For detailed treatments of numerous aspects of Sardinian prehistory, see the collection of essays in Tykot and Andrews 1992. This volume (pp. 355–63) also includes an essay by D. S. Ridgway, who carefully set forth arguments in favor of ongoing relations between Sardinia and Cyprus during the Greek dark age.

This Greek colonizing movement seems to have first concentrated on Sicily and southern Italy, and it was these “western Greeks” with whom the Romans of the regal period and early republic first came into close contact, and by whom they were influenced. Many Greek colonial ventures probably began with the sending out of a relatively small body of settlers in a few ships, whose duty was to scout out a site, secure it from the native inhabitants, and begin the task of constructing a new community.

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