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By J. Payne Smith, Jessie Payne Smith

During this significant reference device, Jessie Payne Smith has abridged the good two-volume paintings, 'Thesaurus Syriacus,' via her overdue father. yet her activity was once to not easily edit down the sooner, big tomes. She additionally supplied English translations for every access and extra notations. Her father's dictionary had translated every one Syriac note into Latin. The Latin translations made it extra across the world available; yet with the decline of using Latin, it diminished in usefulness. Her labors have insured that it keeps to learn students and scholars of Syriac.

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T pI. ~t m. stacte, the gum storax. ,~o~l, ,~~o~l or ,~»o~l aUTpoM{3tov, an astrolabe. O~rpI. ,~o~l QUTpoMyoS', an astrologer. o~l" f. clOTpo">'oyla, astrology. • • ~ L .... of I.. - ,.. Jo~_, 9 9 9 ,,.. »~o~, aUTpOJlof'0S, an as ronomer. -0-' . ~ • 4' ;'" aCTTpOJl0f',a, , • ~QJO~.. astronomy, one 0 f the four primary sciences, the others being geometry, arithmetic, and music. and ~~l, ~, or ~~t pI. ~? m. &TTjS', a commander, general. ~~l: ~~~t and ~o~? deriv. nncertain. Estrangelo, the most ancient of the three Syriac alphabets.

Syr. I • ~ t-=>t\A. ;' ~ -L ort h0- doxy, holding the right faith,. ;H the orthodox faith. IL'~~ • I~~;r- I~~; rt. 1;. t trembling, fear . »L ... or, a troop of soldiers. ~L;r or ~Lir pI. :. m. a large spoon. "'I" part. >:.. ¥I "' .. A PHEL 0 f ~,. aa. to blow, cause the wind to blow. , I'" fut. ~, ~ ... m . f. ~, .. • -~ Imper. ,.. ~... I", act . part. ~l', 1;""1', pass. part. 1: IL'~r (cognate roots in Heb. and cf. J;"') to shed, pour out or down water, rain, blood, tears; ~? ~~ bloodshed, manslaughter; ~?

M. rare for l~ a key; metaph. '~, r~t the keys of the kingdom of heaven. L::. 't v - , ,'" •. ::. ~ ;.. a:t---o- J'" b,;;, ;,,, r &c. TJCTLaCTTL/C~, Ohurch history; ~ s... 0 ~or w~, the Ecclesiastical History of Eusebius. ~~s;)l: ~~r &c. f. n+u, an eclipse of the sun or moon. I~l cellars, store-rooms. ~r and ~r pI. J,:.. m. an ankle-chain, a bangle. ::-;,.. i 1the bloom of his youth. su:u; to be near, draw near, begt"n, add, proceed, &c. '-. v A ~( act. part. ~,..... or ioA-'IO PREl, of ~; to cool.

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