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By Miriam Griffin

ISBN-10: 140514923X

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A better half to Julius Caesar contains 30 essays from major students studying the lifestyles and after lifetime of this nice polarizing figure.

  • Explores Caesar from various views: army genius, ruthless tyrant, impressive flesh presser, firstclass orator, refined guy of letters, and more
  • Utilizes Caesar’s personal extant writings
  • Examines the viewpoints of Caesar’s contemporaries and explores Caesar’s portrayals via artists and writers in the course of the ages

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Nothing else is known about him – neither his earlier career nor later any participation in the First Punic War, when he was probably still alive. But his grandfather, a L. Iulius, deserves scrutiny, even though he did not reach high office. Let us go one generation further back. C. 9). His cognomen was surely Iullus, since no other family of Iulii is known at this time and for some time before and after as holding high office. He should therefore be a descendant of an attested Iulius Iullus. Several men are possible: L.

83, Clark). Indeed each of them was accused in 63 of actually aiding and abetting the rebellion fomented by Catiline. The charges were flimsy, promoted by political foes, and swiftly dismissed (Sall. Cat. 4; Plut. Cic. 3–4, Caes. 1–2; App. 6; cf. Suet. Iul. 17). Little of substance attaches to any of these innuendoes, retailed by enemies or subsequent reconstructions (Strasburger 1938: 109–17). But even if no fire produced all that smoke, the repeated conjoining of Crassus and Caesar suggests the plausibility of political collaboration, at least in the public perception.

6). Caesar’s ipsissima verba no longer survive, but the historian Sallust, a near contemporary of the events, puts a potent and plausible oration in his mouth (Sall. Cat. 51). Caesar, himself the object of unsubstantiated rumors regarding collaboration with the conspirators, denounced their aims and actions in no uncertain terms. But he counseled caution and restraint in punishing the plotters, urging a dispassionate decision on the model of Rome’s forefathers. Among other things, Caesar pointed to the excesses of the Sullan years when too many Romans suffered unjust executions and confiscations of property, a path to be shunned.

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