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By Dr. Matthew Nichols

You be aware of that Rome wasn’t in-built an afternoon, yet simply how did a cluster of small hilltop villages extend to develop into one of many maximum empires in history?

Why did Romulus kill his brother Remus? How was once a legion geared up? Did humans rather converse Latin? What leisure might you spot on the Colosseum? And what used to be lifestyle like for a Roman citizen?

This ebook takes a singular method of answering some of these questions and extra. 30-Second old Rome provides a special perception into probably the most brilliantly ruled societies, the place army could and expansive empire prepared the ground for technological advances that assisted in shaping our smooth lifestyles. From aqueducts to sewers, from mosaics to clinical diagnoses, this can be the straightest street towards knowing the 50 key options and ideas that built and outlined one of many world’s nice civilisations.

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Drawn from quite a lot of warlike peoples during the provinces, specifically at the fringes of the empire, auxiliaries have been mostly now not voters of the Roman empire. The cavalry of the auxilia supplied a robust battling arm geared up, disciplined and good educated, it was once adept at appearing either skirmish and surprise motion.

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3-SECOND SURVEY Rome’s legendary foundation story is a myth, but one firmly embedded in Roman identity that appears to echo aspects of historical truth supported by the archaeological record. 3-MINUTE EXCAVATION Romans told various versions of this story. One traced Romulus’s ancestry back farther to Aeneas, a Trojan prince fleeing the sack of Troy, who eventually reached the future site of Rome after toiling round the Mediterranean: this was the subject of Virgil’s epic poem, the Aeneid. Roman historical imagination was happy to accommodate these myths alongside the earliest strands of Rome’s recorded history, identifying sacred places in the city where they were thought to have occurred.

3-SECOND SURVEY The hills and valleys of Rome, located at a crucial transport crossroads, acquired legendary and historical associations and shaped the city’s destiny. 3-MINUTE EXCAVATION A Roman city religious festival called the “saeptimontium” may be an early reference to the seven hills (montes) of Rome—but eight “hills” participated in it, not including the Capitoline, Aventine, Quirinal, or Viminal, four of the city’s biggest. The seven-headed beast of the Book of Revelation may be another reference to the seven-hilled city; and many cities around the world, from Durham and Torquay in England to Constantinople, Moscow, Seattle, Kampala, and Thiruvananthapuram in India have all claimed to share this characteristic geography.

One consistent factor that explains Roman success is the insistence on good discipline and drill—Roman generals and writers recognized the importance of good order both in the peacetime army and in battle. After Marius’s reforms, legionary equipment and armor started to resemble a more “regular” pattern. Each man carried an iron-tipped javelin (pila) to hurl before closing on the enemy for combat with sword (gladius or spatha) and long rectangular or oval shield (scutum). ” Legionary helmets evolved to offer neck protection and cheek, brow, and ear guards.

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