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By David Regis

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E4 e5 Choosing an opening repertoire The Ideas behind some Chess openings No more Old Stodge! Endgame Openings The Italian Game Playing Black against 1. d2-d4 at junior level Playing Black against 1. d4: the Dutch Stonewall Playing Black against 1. m. e4 Opening Gambit Play The secret arts of castling Tales of the Unexpected Playing White against odd Black lines Playing Black against 1. m. m. m. e5 You know when you've been Benko'd The English Opening Chris Bellers Deadly English Middlegame/Tactics Preparing for combinations Strategy Thinking schematically On manoeuvres: The Art of Winning Slowly Doubled c-pawns: Are they worth a Bishop?

Vladimir Nabokov, The Defence ( Full quote here). Dr. whose glorious chess is now displayed for all to enjoy here. His grade is currently cruising at an altitude of 1 5 9 feet and falling (Can you convert BCF to ELO? I've only ever achieved a partial FIDE rating of 2075/4). html) was last modified on 13 Aug 2005 by Dr. m. Exeter Chess Club Homepage Exeter Chess Club Homepage HOME | COACHING | CANON | BOOKS | LINKS | QUOTES | E-MAIL We are a large, successful and friendly club. We have a junior wing: Exeter Junior Chess Club.

KP, 1996 dvoretsky[t50] blockade KBP vs. KP, 1996 dvoretsky[t50] blockade KNP vs. K, 1996 dvoretsky[t50] blockade KQ vs. KNB, 1996 dvoretsky[t50] blockade KRP vs. KB, 1996 dvoretsky[t50] blockade KRP vs. KB, 1996 dvoretsky[t50] blockade KRPP vs. m. , minor piece end, 1901 Nimzovitch,A - Capablanca,J. [t50 [B12] model [t50]major pieces (Ne, model ending: m, 1927 fischer,rj - berliner (usa ch'p) [t50 [B03] model [t50]passed pawns mus, model ending: p, 1960 active king in the ending [t5 [B71] model [t50]rook and knight, 1954 Bogoljubow,E - Capablanca,J.

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